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About technology

If you get us talking about these beauties we probably won't stop ranting about how good they really are. So by all means be rude and tell us to shut up, we won't be offended.

Exciting times

Finally, the world of technology which we love has started to shift into the world of central heating. Sure there have been small progressions over the years but nothing compared to the past 2-3 years. Not only do these new smart thermostats look so goddamn cool, but they also have tech that will blow your mind.

Why wouldn't you upgrade?

The very latest smart thermostats can all be operated by your phone. While at work you can set them to come on at any time. You program them into learning mode so they get used to your daily patterns in and out of the home and better still they will over time save you money on your energy bills.

Before you buy

Be sure to do your research before buying a smart thermostat as not all boilers are compatible. That's where we can help you decide on what to choose and maybe save you some money as well.

It just gets better

Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

Every landlord needs one so why not use a trusted and honest Gas Engineer to do them for you.

Plumbing Services Milton Keynes

New sink, toilet or shower? We can help with that so get in touch today.

Radiator Installation Milton Keynes

Out with the old in with the new. A new stylish radiator can transform a room and also provide better bang for your buck.

and better...

Smart Thermostat Installation

We love technology so let us show you our passion for the future of heating your home.

Property Maintenance Milton Keynes

A new venture for us at Heat Lord, so watch this space.

Central Heating System Flushing

Consider this a colonic irrigation for your central heating system.

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