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We are a little excited about this next venture with Heat Lord as we are expanding into the world of property maintenance. So this page is just a little preview of what we have in store.

Property Lord Milton Keynes

We cannot tell you how many times we have been installing a new boiler, radiator or even a gas hob when the owner of the property asked if we knew anyone who could install some flooring, a TV bracket or put a wall up. We even get asked to help install a lightbulb or an electric oven.

Our landlord friends often ask if we know anyone who can do some painting & decorating, build furniture, landscape a garden or fit a lighting fixture.

This got us thinking that while we are at the property why not save everybody some time in quotation and travel costs and just price the job up there and if time get it done.

So watch this space for very soon we will be launching a brand new branch to our business.

It just gets better

Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

Every landlord needs one so why not use a trusted and honest Gas Engineer to do them for you.

Plumbing Services Milton Keynes

New sink, toilet or shower? We can help with that so get in touch today.

Radiator Installation Milton Keynes

Out with the old in with the new. A new stylish radiator can transform a room and also provide better bang for your buck.

and better...

Smart Thermostat Installation

We love technology so let us show you our passion for the future of heating your home.

Property Maintenance Milton Keynes

A new venture for us at Heat Lord, so watch this space.

Central Heating System Flushing

Consider this a colonic irrigation for your central heating system.

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