Consider this a…

Colonic for your heating

As humans, our pipes get clogged up at times so we need a little flush to get everything working again. A system flush is exactly the same thing but for your central heating.

Boiler service & repair

Every central heating system has Magnetite, commonly referred to as sludge running through its veins. This is because our radiators are metal and that metal wears down over time which will in turn clog up your central heating system. Our job is to prevent further damage by installing a magnetic filter and also if required we can perform a central heating system flush. There is no better cleaning process available for your central heating than this service.

And now the good stuff

Once the system is fully flushed and everything is cleaner than a baby's bottom we also pour a new inhibitor into your central heating water system which over time will help prevent more decay and sludge build up. This will however need to be replaced annually.

The benefits

Well, these are endless but to name a few... With a clean central heating system, your radiators heat up quicker and to their maximum potential. So no more cold spots on them and your boiler will operate more efficiently saving you money.

It just gets better

Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

Every landlord needs one so why not use a trusted and honest Gas Engineer to do them for you.

Plumbing Services Milton Keynes

New sink, toilet or shower? We can help with that so get in touch today.

Radiator Installation Milton Keynes

Out with the old in with the new. A new stylish radiator can transform a room and also provide better bang for your buck.

and better...

Smart Thermostat Installation

We love technology so let us show you our passion for the future of heating your home.

Property Maintenance Milton Keynes

A new venture for us at Heat Lord, so watch this space.

Central Heating System Flushing

Consider this a colonic irrigation for your central heating system.

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