This is what we live for, out with the old...

In with the brand new

Honestly, this is why we get up in the morning. Nothing starts the day better for us when we know we have a fresh new boiler installation to do that day. It’s the same feeling you get when that new phone arrives and you sit looking at the sleek box that contains a new piece of technology. A new boiler provides that same appeal to us.

Where to start

There are soooo many boiler choices out there with each manufacturer providing different variations of what is basically the same machine. One manufacturer will tell you theirs is better than the other and that's before the brand snobbery comes into play. Yes believe it or not there are customers and even boiler installers that won't touch another branded boiler if they solely work on another brand.

Ignore them all

Our job isn't to tell you Apple is better than Samsung (even though it is). Our job is to find what's right for your home and budget and if you want something stylish and cool looking we can do that too. Today's boilers have come a long way from big white boxes. Some even look like giant iPads mentioning no names… but as a hint think “Lea & Perrins” Sauce.

More than meets the eye

Look, a modern boiler really is a marvel. It provides heat and hot water to your home, it saves money in the long run and if you didn't know already all new boilers are hydrogen ready so they are future-proofed as well. With the right digital thermostat, they can modulate the temperature in your home so much more efficiently than what you probably have installed right now.


We won't rant on too long but if you choose the right boiler manufacturer and have the boiler serviced annually you can get up to ten years warranty. That's better than most car manufacturers. Think about how safe you can sleep with your loved ones at home knowing that your boiler is operating efficiently and more importantly it's safe.

It just gets better

Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

Every landlord needs one so why not use a trusted and honest Gas Engineer to do them for you.

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and better...

Smart Thermostat Installation

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Central Heating System Flushing

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