It’s not over...

Until it's over

Don't give up on the boiler just yet, let us do our thing and maybe we can bring some life back into the old gal. Who knows it could be the simplest thing but until we get a good look who knows? Rest assured we have probably seen the issue before.

No different to a car

If you think of a boiler in the same way you do a car then you are on the right path. They break down just like a car can and they can also be fixed just like a car. It just takes some skilled diagnostics, a little patience and a hint of luck from time to time. Modern-day boilers have some heavy-duty components that all work together to provide your home with heating and hot water and if one element breaks, it can bring down the whole system. That's where we come in.

It's all elementary

As Sherlock Holmes says “when you eliminate the impossible whatever remains however improbable must be the truth”. We take this to mean that it is our job to follow the operational procedure of the boiler and work through each component until we nail the problem. Plus we assume that no sinister mythical creatures or even Gremlins have been at the wiring which would eliminate the impossible.


Unfortunately, there is no timeframe that can be placed upon a breakdown or repair. Yes, we are super-skilled, incredibly talented superheros in some people's eyes. We have been called Knights on many occasions, saviours and profits but even we need time to analyse and diagnose an issue. Our goal is to attend, repair and hopefully fix, but even then sometimes it isn't enough and a new boiler is needed. We will however do our best to advise you is the best possible course of action.

It just gets better

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and better...

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